Account Suspended on Twitter

Greetings Fellow Creepers and Creeper Fans!

It looks like the official CreepShot Ninja twitter account, along with many other popular creepshot accounts such as @ihfdms and @PhotogLG, have been suspended for no apparent reason. I received no email explanation, absolutely nothing that explains exactly why the account got suspended. I guess they expect me to read their vague rules page, which I did and it's unsurprisingly vague. Simply put, Twitter and other social media websites like Facebook and YouTube do not believe in free speech or any speech that doesn't conform to their social just warrior idealogy.

Go ahead an call me antisocial, a misogynist, and a creep all you want. People are entitled to their opinion because that's what freedom entails. In my opinion, women should dress more modestly but that's just my opinion. I'm not going to ask women who show too much skin, no matter how annoying I find it at times, to cover up. They can wear whatever they want, but don't expect men not to look or to even take a picture or two. So long as it's done in public it's perfectly legal. It's a small price to pay for having access to such an abundance to technology whilst living in a free society. The day we start giving into to calls for censorship because SJWs feel butt hurt about something as trifle as a creepshot is the day we regress into a more seemingly Orwellian society.

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